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Keen undertakes design and engineering projects. We lead and project manage consortia in areas such as the UK aluminium industry, UK battery technology and manufacturing centre, 3D visualisation and BIM, aluminium product design with clients such as Apple in Cupertino and Europe, Armani, Dyson, the Design Council, with construction and property companies such as CBRE, Censervit, Carillion and Skanska, the UK Government Infrastructure and Projects Agency, resolving technical, commercial and operational issues, including developments in applied AI and augmented reality.

Our historic ties with the engineering and steel industries give us a unique perspective and a global network within manufacturing and design. The company is located in the Oxford Centre for Innovation in the University and car-making city of Oxford in the United Kingdom.

BACALL, initiated in 2015 by Keen Ltd, is a consortium for the sourcing of ultra-low carbon aluminium sheet in the UK, with industry, trade association and governmental stakeholders. In 2020 Keen authored Sustain Aluminium, an industry wide strategy for decarbonising and expanding the UK aluminium industry which was subsequentially proposed by the Aluminium Federation to UK Government.

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